Votograph - Social Photo Game

The whole world is inbounds. Votograph is mobile social gaming with your camera... dangerous.One image gives us pause. One image tells a whole story. One image strikes chord with your group for a *GASP*, or a good laugh, or a thought provoking "hmmmm."Votograph is a first of its kind mobile social game. Users create and respond to challenges posed in their groups by taking a picture.A challenge is a word or simple phrase. Group members respond to a challenge by taking a picture that they feel best illustrates the challenge phrase.Group members who submit a challenge entry vote on the best image for that challenge. Winners collect achievements and get bragging rights.Start with one of the public challenges in a public group. Create your own groups - with family, at work, and amongst friends.(Please remember to consider your group members before submitting images some may find offensive. Votograph promotes only ethically obtained photography.)
Operating System Android