Planygram - Schedule Posts for Instagram

Planygram is built for people folks that work with some employer or private influencer managing business Instagram page, for those who desire an unambiguous service. Almost all the features of Planygram have been built in close consultation with our clients, thanks to our clients, who have made us proud to be the main Instagram scheduling platform globally.Some of Our Specific Capabilities Include.Create & Plan Your Posts.With our Instagram auto poster, you can upload photos, video & story one by one or in bulk, crop, or delete and edit your photos, add captions, emoji, primary remarks and choose your post date and time.Planygram Posts for YouWith our No 'reminders' or push notifications, Planygram helps you post your photos and videos using the Instagram app on cloud Android phones. You can think of us like a robot social media intern, with very speedy thumbs.Happy LoversOur well-crafted, automated and planned Instagram posts keep your followers happy. It doesn't matter what you are busy workings on or what time zone you are presently in.No Notifications or AlarmsWe post for you and we don't just send you a push notification when it is time to post. The first comment so you can position your hashtags in a remark as opposed to the caption- Multiple view layouts, along with calendar, listing, table and extra- Video scheduling for extra attractive content- No scheduling limits- Unique Design- We post for you and we don't just send you a push notification when it is time to post.- Multi Accounts- Safe to use- 7 days Free Trial- Could Import- InstaQueue to create an expected posting timetable- Preview your Instagram feed to see what your profile will look like- Simple reliable Instagram-account pricingPRICES => & Beneficial AssistOur customer support is available in different language around the world, and objectives to help you 247. If you are still not sure or have more questions, you can send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.
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