Ever wish you could share your "entire" photo library with your loved ones? It's now possible with the Photos+ app. You can share everything or just a subset of your albums.Photos+ takes photo sharing to the next level. With a single tap of a Sync button, you can share your entire photo library and all the albums you may have created with your friends. View each friend's library separately from others, or view all new activity from all your friends in the Activities section.It's like having a window into each of your friend's phones, and the process is fully automated, all it takes is tapping a single sync button whenever you take more photos or make changes to your albums in the built-in iOS Photos app.You will have full access to all the features of Photos+ for 14 days after you sign up. Once the free trial is over, a subscription is required to continue syncing your own library and sharing it with your friends. A subscription is not required in order to only view libraries that are shared with you.Subscription Pricing and Terms- Please view the In-App purchase section for pricing.- Subscriptions do NOT automatically renew. If you take no action, your subscription will expire in 365 days and you will not be automatically charged again. Instead you will have the option to renew your subscription at the end its current term or simply let it expire.- Subscriptions are nonrefundable, so please choose this option carefully.
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