BnA - Broadcast and earn

Broadcast your amazing moments into free live streaming. Enjoy broadcasting your show and make new friends around the world. Get followers and earn heart which can be cashed out into real money.Free live streamingOne touch to start your live broadcasting show, you can broadcast your talent skills, sing, dance, cook or even chat with followers.Earn free heart watching ads videoBuy and send heart to your favorite broadcasters. Invite your friends to earn free heart and have more benefits. Earn real money from hearts.Apply filters while broadcastingWith filters available for free you can have unlimited fun with your viewers.Interact with followersBroadcast your life, get followers call them, the more hearts they send, the more you earn and become popular.Meet new peopleMeet new people around the whole world and get to know each other.Call viewers while broadcasting your daily life.Enjoy Broadcasting Live!
Operating System Android