KallDrop is a fun app that allows you to make calls that go straight to voicemail on mobile phones. Simply pick a cell phone/mobile phone number from your contacts or type one in and call! You'll hear their voicemail greeting and you can leave a message.The recipient of the call might or might not see a missed call, but they will not be able to answer!Use for those "awkward moments" (Whoops! Must have been a bad network) when you don't want to talk to someone but want to pretend as if you called, they'll see the call coming from you! You can leave a voicemail, and get away clean! The recipient will see a call from you in their voicemail as soon as their service notifies them.-- Only mobile phones are supported for calling, we check and let you know if it isn't :-).-- $0.50 per call, but not to worry, we give you enough for 3 free calls to start ($1.50 credit)-- Sign in using your existing Google or Facebook accounts, or create an independent account with us using your email address.
Operating System Android