Jumoji is a fun new Mobile App that lets you use images that employ entertaining hairstyles, fashion and faces, giving you the ability to express yourself in special and unique ways. Jumoji allows you to choose from a large selection of cool and trendy styles and sayings to share with your friends and family.Jumojis are not flat, or round...they're Jumojis! And now, you get the chance to show your feelings in a whole new way with Jumoji!Here's why you've just got to download Jumoji:Well, for one you 'll never have to exit your keyboard to download and share your emoji. After downloading and installing, Jumoji allows you to access your favorite image by simply double clicking on your keyboard. Its that easy!And, isn't it annoying when each time you want to send an emoji an advertisement comes up? Now, you won't have to worry about that. Jumoji comes ad free, and therefore "interruption" free!1. Exciting ShapesOther emojis may be flat or round, but Jumojis come in all sorts of different shapes and dimensions.2. Current EventsJumojji also incorporates graphics that tackle issues of social interest so you can express your feelings that way.3. Styles GaloreFancy head wraps, quirky hairstyles, and fancy trends that you and your friends will definitely enjoy.4. Easy To UseNever exit your keyboard to download or share your emoji. Double tapping your keyboard gives you access.5. No AdvertisementsTired of fighting through ads to send an emoji. Jumoji comes ad free, and therefore "interruption" free!Tons of FunYou'll have the most fun, quirky and expressive moments sharing these emojis with your family and friends.Watch the Video!You might ask, "But why should I pay for Jumoji? Most, if not all emoji apps are free." Remember, Jumoji will be very easy to use right within your own keyboard and you can enjoy it completely ad free with no interruption.My name is Julie Obaso and I'm the creator and developer of Jumoji Emojis. I am also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine thedouglasreview.com.In the course of my work as a digital publisher, I noticed that definitely most people desire to express themselves in different and unique ways via emojis or gifs. I also noticed that, unfortunately, the emojis we all get in our phone keyboards mostly look the same and could definitely use a hint of pizzazz! And that's how I came up with the idea for Jumoji.It's obvious, if you're tired of using the same old boring emojis now you surely have a great way to entertain yourself, your friends and family. You will agree, Jumoji gifs and images are quirky, fun, stylish and simply irresistible!
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