The J8T Token Bounty App

The JET8 Bounty Token App gives influencers their own in-app community, where they can earn for their reviews and reward followers for likes, comments and shares!When you create reviews supporting JET8 and encourage engagement both within the app and on external social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, your status grows, as does your community, and earning potential.On the user friendly dashboard, you can modify app visuals, choose the stickers and frames to make available to your followers, and decide whether to make third party stickers available too. That means your community can support the brands you do!You earn half a J8T for every J8T earned by the user from a post featuring a third party asset.User rewards are stored in their Wallet, and can be used to redeem products from the your collection, or any product or service available through the interconnected apps of the JET8 ecosystem.Use your J8T's to redeem fantastic products like gadgets, sports equipment, groceries and much more!The automatic front-camera functionality makes your selfie or video hassle free. Level up your selfie by using various filters and decorate it with JET8 frames, stickers and animations.All the technical aspects of the dashboard and shop are managed for you, all you have to do is share your reviews.Share your review with the JET8 Bounty app and earn with these features:Automatic front-camera functionality right upon launching.Take great selfies and record awesome video selfies.Cool frames, stickers and animated stickers to decorate your selfies.Up your game with fabulous filters.Easy selfie taking with the simple interface and large camera button.Express yourself in the caption to describe your mood.Comment, like, and engage with your friends and followers.Search and connect with other JET8 reviewers.Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks.
Operating System Android