Doppelgangers - find your twin

Find your Doppelganger and help match other users with theirs!1) Load the application and sign in with Facebook.2) You can change your picture by clicking your photo, this will allow you to take a new picture and crop to the correct size.3) Select your gender, male or female and continue.4) You're now registered and logged in!Matching people with thier twin's is easy, simply click the Match Up tab and swipe left for No or right to Match the top picture with the swiped picture.If you run out of pictures, simply click the top picture and you'll be given a new user to match up. The more people you match the more chance you have of being matched too!..Matches can be seen on the Match Feed window, this is your dashboard.You can add and chat to friends by swiping right on the Match Feed window, clicking the 'Add friend' button on the top right and searching for your friends name. Once added you can chat to them whenever you like.You can change your picture at any time in the 'Account' tab.Have fun matching!
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