Connect Your World.NO FORCED ADS:FREE personal & Event PROMOTIONS:capture, share, my blog, live chat, free promos with Invitester an entirely new social platform where you can actually enjoy the simple things about life and social media.Invitester is a user focused and generated platform. This project was started to give people a social media they actual want. Invitester will evolve and grow based on user feedback. Yes this means what you suggest might end up becoming a part of Invitester for you and others to enjoy.Invitester gives you a NEW action center where you can PROMOTE your business and EVENTS for free using your personal account. You can discover and go to events, live chat and share the latest updates on your news feed.Obtain followers, friends and personalize your profile.FREE from locked in targeted forced ads.We've designed a new (ad switch) you can turn off and on any time you feel, for free. This way you can still get designer on-line advertisement but only when you want or need it.FREE TO JOINAs Invitester is new we understand that our platform may not be perfect always, we understand it can be annoying in these early stages sometimes. So please provide feedback to help make the Invitester community better for all.Lets make history...(Invitester is suitable for Android 5.1 and up)
Operating System Android