Friend Family Location Finder - Mobile Mapper

Mobile Mapper - find the real-time location of family, friends, colleagues, teammates & love ones. Use Mobile Mapper to see friend's mobile location on map. See navigation route & direction to friend's location. Mobile Mapper alert you with nearest friend notification. Find lost or stolen mobile using Mobile Mapper. See accurate location of friends & family on the MAP. Send friendship request to friends & stay connected to family. Make friends & see their real-time locations on map. Mobile Mapper consumes less power by not using the GPS. Get regular location alert & notification for friends.View the real-time location of friends & family using mobile mapper. User Scenario A - We understand, nothing is important then family. We all worry for our family and always wants to know if they are safe. Mobile Mapper shows exact real-time location of friends & family on the map. Mobile Mapper shows regular alert with location information. You may be away from family for work so, use Mobile Mapper to track the location of friends, colleagues & family members. You may be busy in calls or meetings & you don't have not time to call back your family so, use Mobile Mapper to find the location of family & friends. Mobile Mapper pops-up automatic alert notification at regular interval. These location alerts save time and effort of checking the location manually. Notification alert contains the address location of selected friend.User Scenario B - You went for an outing with your family, friends or colleagues. You lost your friends on the way and want to know their location. Use Mobile Mapper to know accurate location of friends on the Map. Map shows the location and guides you the direction route to find friend's location. Mobile-Mapper makes it very simple to locate friends & familyUser Scenario C - You went to a shopping mall. Suddenly Mobile Mapper pops a notification alert about a nearest friend. Mobile Mapper notification alert says your friend is nearby so hangout with him / her. Trace your friend's location on the Map using Mobile Mapper. Use direction to reach to your friend. Enjoy times together.User Scenario D - You may be worrying where your kids are wandering. Use Mobile Mapper application to know navigation route & directions of kids. Mobile Mapper helps you tracking the location & route of kids. User Scenario E - You lost your mobile & want to find your phone. Use MobileMapper to track the location of your phone. See real-time mobile location on the Map. Install Mobile Mapper - a Friend locator companion. How it works - Install Mobile Mapper application. Invite family, friends to install Mobile Mapper. Add family, friends, and colleagues on member page. Send friendship request to friends & grow your circle. Use token to add friends on member page. Once friendship request is accepted, you can see friend is added on member page. Friend location and route information is shown on the Map. Mobile mapper also alert you with the location notification at regular interval. Mobile Mapper has the following important location features.1. Send friendship request to friends in contact list. 2. Respond to your pending friendship requests.3. Auto adding of friends on member page to track live location & address notification alert.4. Add unlimited friends on member page to track location.5. Track the navigation route of friend.6. Shows address location notification alert at regulation interval in notification panel.7. Shows location notification alert for nearby friends.8. Use battery optimization for longer life. No use of GPS to save battery life. 10. Allow to change notification interval from setting page.11. Allow app user to enable or disable location notification alerts.12. Allow app user to share unique token with friends via various messaging options.13. Allow app user to see if any contact from contact list is already using Mobile Mapper application.14. Also helps in finding the location of lost phone.
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