Bottled - Message in a Bottle

Make new penpals, learn new language and discover their culture.Try the modern version of sending a message in a Bottle: a new way to meet people!Bottled allows you to send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world.However, this message will be received by one and only one person!If this person likes what they find in your bottle, they can decide whether to keep it or not.If they keep it, you will be able to chat with each other.If they release it, your bottle will float back into the sea of users to be received by another random stranger!With Bottled you can:- Send your message with a photo or through a letter to some unknown person somewhere in the world- Chat with people all around the world who you have intrigued with your Bottled message- Keep your favorite bottles and messages inside your personal treasure chest- Follow the journey of your Bottles in real timeWhether you're looking for a good friend, a penpal or a lover, let Serendipity decides who you meet with Bottled
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