Built with the concerns of ethnic women and hairstylists at top of mind, Bonnti gives you a voice and a choice when it comes to getting your hair done. We provide talented stylists with the visibility they deserve and give women of color access to great stylists! Bonnti is here to detangle your hair experience.For Stylists* Showcase your skills to thousands of women looking for a new hairstylist* Build your brand and network* Amazing community of stylists and stylists-focused eventsFor Clients * Access to tons of great stylists in your area* Inspiration for your next slay-worthy hair style* Communicate easily and quickly with your stylistKey Features* Comb-Thru - A fun an exciting to discover your next hairstyle* Private Messaging - Communicate one on one between stylists and client* Rate Stylists - Share the love! Compliment your stylists with rating and reviews
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