Scam: Scam can be defined as a fraudulent activity performed by a dishonest group, company or individual in an attempt to get monetary benefit or something else having some value. Scams usually resided in confidence tricks, where the scammers would hide their own identity as someone with authority or skill, i.e. a lawyer, investor, doctor. Due to access of the internet become common new forms of scams emerged, such as scam baiting, lottery scams, phishing, email spoofing and help requests.About App: Scampedia is all about the scams happening all over the world. It provides information about the scammers globally. Approximately four million people scammed each year. In order to avoid such scams, Scampedia application provides detailed description of scammers reported by people over the entire world. In this application, different people share their scam experience and their losses they bare. It helps other people aware of scammers without disclosing their identity.App Features: Here is a list of the main highlights of this application,-Scampedia allows you to sign-up from Facebook or can skip the initial process and browse the application-Scampedia provides a way to alert others about scams without sharing your identity -You can enter the exact location of scammers, a brief about scam or scammer -You can also add images, videos, and voice messages about scam or scammer-You can post and search scams in the search bar -You can search scammer within a specific location with the help of GPS -You can also check any scammer number exist in your contact list, so you can easily verify the scammers exist in your contact list. -You can give your opinion about scam information by like or dislike the post. -You can check the polling to identify the scammer info is authentic or not. -It allows whatever you want to search by application such as fake online shopping sites, scam information etc. -Multiple options are there to refine your search like Search By Name, Search By Email, Search By Website, Search By Phone Number, and Search By Unique Identification. -Push notifications keep you alert about scamming activity or scammer presence nearby your locality.
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