Introducing a fun secure FREE messaging app, packed with cool features including, FREE messaging , video and voice calls, easy to use retractable messages, screenshot notifications, language translation, incognito chat, multi media search. Auto add connect safely with friends without giving out personal details.FREE MESSAGING AND CALLSMake FREE voice and video calls with friends and family, in high quality, worldwide.Send text messages, share fun videos, photos or send a quick voice message. See when your friends have seen the messages and when they are typing back, also have fun sending Gifs for your friends to enjoy.GROUP MESSAGESCreate a group and invite your friends, have fun chatting and sending media and more.INCOGNITO FEATURESet up a private chat with a friend. You can set a time you want the incognito chat to last, all the messages are sent in pulse mode so it can't be Screenshot. Once the time expires the incognito chat will be wiped off both phones with no trace it ever existed. This is the most private one to one chat out there. TRANSLATION FEATUREString allows you to translate a message in 40 different languages to your default language. This is great for businesses and overseas friends/family.MULTI MEDIA SEARCHSend your friends fun GIFs YouTube clips or search images directly from your chat page. Without the hassle of having to leave the app to copy and paste images or share GIFs and YouTube clips.RETRACT MESSAGERegret sending a message? Well don't stress, you can instantly retract any type of message even after been its sent and read.AUTO ADDAdd friends instantly with a click of a button using our unique auto add feature, this allows you to add friends safely without giving out your personal details.TIME BOMBSAdd timers to your text or picture messages, which can only be viewed for that set amount of time.PULSE MESSAGECompose a message and send it as a PULSE making it impossible to screenshot an entire message. Please note a pulse message can only be read once.SCREENSHOT NOTIFICATIONSString Messenger will alert you when someone takes a screenshot.With String Messenger you're in full control..
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