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We are a online social networking SAAS product for colleges focusing on Intranet Solutions like Publishing, Management, Discovery and Networking in a college and across colleges. Publishing: Students can Publish their Stories, Events, Projects and DiscussionsManagement: Colleges can manage students at classroom and college level by sending news, updates and tasks. Discovery: Students can Discover Opportunities, Offers and Events across all colleges. Networking: Students can connect with each other and follow other colleges. In other Words, stuMagz is a one-stop discovery platform that enables students to collaborate with like minded students, share and showcase their talent and get internship and employment opportunities, besides keeping up with college updates and more. By utilising stuMagz' online features, students from all over -regardless of college and area of study- can connect with each other, share knowledge, find students to work with on projects. Additionally, students can keep updated with what is going on in the student community, read inspiring student success stories, build a recruitment-ready profile, all at one stop. Make optimal usage of all the features provided here and give your career that much needed initial boost, as with our extensive network of colleges, students and employers, you will have access to the best. There's fun stuff too. Keep updated with whatever fests and workshops and more going on in colleges from all over and register for them right here. Detailed Features explanation: Student ResumeWhen you first log onto stuMagz, you will create a bio including your academic profile. By keeping your bio updated and just downloading it, you will have a resume that you can use in your future. StoriesBlog about your work, improve your writing skills, write about your ideas and experiences and easily publish them. You can easily use these to get feedback and tell your story. OpportunitiesFind all sorts of opportunities for all academic arenas, from internships to challenges to recruitment opportunities and more. Apply for any of these with just one click and stay ahead. EventsFind academic and non academic events and get access to them at one stop. Whether it is a music fest that you want to attend or a paper that you want to present at a seminar or want to gain knowledge at a workshop, stuMagz has all sorts of events. OffersWe know how difficult it is, as a student with limited pocket money. That's why the Offers feature brings you handpicked offers for a wide range of things. ProjectsWrite about your projects, share and get feedback. Know about what other students are working on, learn from them or leave your feedback. Find students to collaborate on projects with you. DiscussionsDiscuss and debate with students from all over. It is one of the easiest ways to increase your exposure and broaden your horizons. College UpdatesStay updated with what's going on in your college and never miss any event. NetworkingstuMagz will enable you to network with colleges and students from all over. Whether it is networking with some student in some other place or it is to network with likeminded students and faculty within your college, you can easily do it here. InternshipsIn a competitive space, finding the right internship can be tricky. We have it sorted for you. Find a wide range of paid and unpaid internships, either technical or non-technical.
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