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Welcome to MrOwl, the home for all your interests. Collaborate on topics you're passionate about, share your knowledge with the community & get inspired by new ideas. Create "branches" about topics you love or find top content, curated by people like you. Build your own topic "branches" With MrOwl, you can organize your favorite content about interesting topics and inspiring ideas. Whether you're into the hottest fashion trends, DIY videos or sports cars, this is the app for you. Create subtopics in which you post links, pictures, documents and more. Everything is organized in one customized platform: you can even re-order and customize the links using an easy drag and drop technology. In short, it's a way to connect with your audience by sharing your interests in a convenient and fun way. You control the experience you want your audience to have. Find relevant information: Thanks to our patented customized search engine, you can easily find information, unlike anywhere else on the internet. Don't waste time reading articles you weren't actually searching for. Always find exactly what you need within the right 'branch'. Each one is like a mini-customized search engine. Search for the words "environment", "culture" or "health" and avoid irrelevant results by choosing exactly where to search. Pick a specific 'branch', MrOwl Community 'branch' or simply anywhere on MrOwl. MrOwl gets wiser as more people use it. It contains popular content curated by REAL people, just like you. Discover things you never knew about any subject, find inspiration for exciting things to do, follow the latest trending news, or simply get your daily dose of entertainment. Become a thought leader by creating your own "branch" and driving people to discuss your favorite topic. Keep it forever See an article you like? Save it, add it to your 'Nest' and read it anytime. You can also "grab" a "branch" to save and follow that specific "branch" topic. Save all your tips and life hacks in one place, and always get inspiration for new recipes for family dinners. MrOwl is a fountain of knowledge built around your passions and your interests. Unlike most social platforms, MrOwl isn't a timeline. Content always stays available for your to easily search, browse and share, for many years. Stay connected to your personal collection of things you love. Looking for "furniture" ideas for your new apartment? Go back to your 'stylish homes' branch and boost your creativity.
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