Friendship message, exchange photoWhy do not you open a video chat? VChat, see you, a key call put up with your encounter with her. Read, talk, do not like the next one is waiting for you. Friends is so simple and true. Service Features: 1. As long as the phone can access the Internet, at any time to find new friends, open video chat. 2. like her, want to know, a key to send greeting messages. 3. Side video, while playing funny animation, chat topic is not monotonous. remind: 1. This service requires the use of WIFI, 3G or 4G, if the use of non-home WIFI or mobile data to eat the program, there may be additional costs. 2. Before the video call, please make sure your network connection is normal and stable, if the signal is unstable, you may delay, interrupt and other issues. 3. Customer Service: yg0061197@gmail.com (Monday to Friday 9: 00.18: 00, except for national holidays.).
Operating System Android