Quick Posts for Facebook

Facebook Quick Posts is used to edit and delete the post messages from your current Facebook account. It can also be used as quick way to share a photo, video, or URL to your account. It is a small simple app that is fast and easy to use. It has all of the Facebook utility for Sharing content (tag friends, location, etc) and is an easy lightweight app. List of Features: Share Content: Share a URL link to your timeline. You can also share a photo or video that is in your camera roll, or take a new photo / video and share it to your Facebook timeline (note: to share photo or video you must have native Facebook app installed on your phone). Delete Content: Delete posts that you have created. Note: If you were tagged in a post by another user you cannot delete. It must be a post that was created from your account. Edit Content: Edit the message content of your post. Save your battery and memory. Less than 10 MB of memory used. Lightweight app means longer battery life. Easy to use. All content follows an easy to use format. Impossible to get "lost" in the app. 100% FREE. App is totally free. If you enjoy using it please let us know the features you like and give a 5 start rating. If there are features you want to be added, let us know and we can get them added.
Operating System Android