Electronic collection of trophies, awards, achievements and more. Inspriration-positive, kid-friendly social media network. Create and share printable certificates with in-app TrophyStudio feature. Bought mom a mother's day gift? Top it off with a personalized certificate (Best mom.). Add a smile on your loved one's face. Appreciate your favorite restaurant. Recognize employees/colleagues at no cost at all, great boost for small business. Recognize people participating in events (sports, charity, volunteers, etc). Use TrophyWall certificates to express your approvals. Share achievements with family and friends. In-app certificate template purchase includes all features that will be added to the app later (more customization of the certificate template, event management system, etc) TrophyWall is a social-media platform developed by SwellApps LLC based in Michigan with their partners Inova LLC based in Egypt. The app seeks to inspire people across all ages through celebration of achievements. The team at SwellApps lead by its founder Anjum Meher wanted to develop a novel approach to social media network by creating a centroid around factors that motivate. After months of creative programming and focus on simplistic design TrophyWall was released for android devices in 2017. TrophyWall creates a safe space for kids to actively utilize social media network. We have taken, and will continue to pursue every step in our effort of making this our priority. The lack of a private messaging feature within the mobile application is one of the enablers. We strongly feel it is a necessary deviation from the approach taken by most other social media networks. All conversations are public within the user's network. Our commitment at SwellApps is to provide our customers with stellar apps that are fun to use. The end goal of TrophyWall is to bring sponsorship to local events by providing organizers a global platform. On a personal note, more than half our revenue will be donated to charitable organisations that cater to the needs of orphans and displaced people across the globe.
Operating System Android