Behold. - Social media finally has a soul. Connect with your friends, family, or acquaintances on a deeper level with BEQUEATHIT. Whether it be a special occasion or random act of kindness, now you can bestow videos, pictures, and messages with more meaning. BEQUEATHIT uses a revolutionary interactive emoji, allowing you to express the perfect sentiment like never before. Wouldn't you like to see how people react to what you send? Reactions are captured on video as it's being opened, so those candid moments can be experienced and relived. BEQUEATHIT honors privacy, so each message can be shared either Publicly, Privately and in some cases Anonymously. For your convenience, your account is created by connecting to your Facebook profile, allowing you to add your existing community of contacts to BEQUEATHIT. Discover ways to use BEQUEATHIT: BE thankful and show your gratitude. BE sincere and share how you really feel. BE helpful and pass something along. BE festive and celebrate special occasions. BE thoughtful and show how much you care. BE spontaneous and create lasting memoriesWhen you mean it, Bequeathit. Download Bequeathit now on your Android 4.3 or higher devices and take your sharing to another level. How privacy worksBequeathit puts your privacy in your hands. A Bequeath can be sent privately so it will only be visible to the person you send it to. When you're sent a public message you have the option to make it private so it's only visible to you and the sender. Basically, if either you or the other person feel a Bequeath should be private it is. You can also decide whether you want to have your reactions captured. When captured they are stored only on your device unless you decide to share them. If shared they will be public or private depending on the privacy setting you and the other person set. You may also decide whether you will receive any messages from anonymous senders. If enabled, people will be able to send you Bequeaths anonymously but when disabled they must reveal their identity. How anonymous worksYou can hide your identity as the sender of a Bequeath by selecting the anonymous feature. This feature may not always be available to you if: The recipient does not wish to receive any Anonymous Bequeaths. The recipient is under 17 and cannot receive any Anonymous messages. The recipient you selected doesn't have the Bequeathit app and we can't notify them without revealing your identity. A user can also decline any Bequeath including those sent anonymously at any time.
Operating System Android