Like Any Browser for Windows 10

Use WhatsApp web and use your microphone or webcam to send messages on your PC. This is app contains a specialized browser designed for browsing websites like WhatsApp web, Telegram or Messenger. You can switch between browser emulation quickly without restarting the app or your computer. Simply choose your requested browser and navigate to the page you want. This enables you to first try and see the website before you just install another browser. This app sends the browser identification (User Agent String) that you select in the configuration menu. If the browser of your choice is not in the list don't hesitate to contact me. And I can help you out quickly. The app remembers the page you last visited. If you start the app again the last visited website will be loaded again. This enables the app to behave like a normal dedicated messenger ap.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10 (x86, x64)