The Kabbalah-Relating app helps you choose 3 Sacred Words from Kabbalah's Tree of Life. This technique alleviates problems, such as excessive anger, arrogance, impulsivity, and more. You learn how to improve your nature and experience more joy in life. In Kabbalah-Dating, you evaluate yourself and a partner in the context of a long-term committed relationship. The Kabbalah-Dating Workbook walks you through energy areas that exist between your partner and yourself to create a balanced, healthy relationship. You may learn how to say "no, " or even, "yes, " more readily to create safety and loving abundance. This creative technique helps you make positive choices and prevent painful errors. Kabbalah-Dieting is a method of transferring energy that is wasted focusing on the Yesod Sephirah (energy in the stomach region) to other areas, resulting in productivity and health. This life-long practice is a tool to fall back on whenever you need to strengthen your dieting skills. In Kabbalah-Relating, Kabbalah-Dating and Kabbalah-Dieting, you choose 3 Sacred Word to align your Sephirot, or Kabbalah energy areas, at "entry points" during the day. The Kabbalah-Relating app shows you how to choose your words, and you can always select new ones to grow your Tree of Life in the areas of relating, dating, and dieting. Malka Faden is a teacher, life coach, writer, and philosopher. Contact her at for a deeper insight into the benefit of applying ancient Kabbalah wisdom to create a better lifestyle today.
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