GRID-Real Networking. Real Fun

Grid is a Social and Professional Networking app that makes sure you can always find something you want to do. Scroll through the list or fly around on the map to see what your friends are doing around you. Friends being boring? View posts by everyone in your set radius. If you don't see anything, create a post and accept the people you want to allow to join. Oh. And don't forget, Grid is perfect for travelers. You can easily search days in advance and far from your current location, so don't worry about not knowing what to do while in a new town. Grid also allows users to subscribe to their interests. Adding an interest on Grid is unlike anything else. When a user adds an interest, lets say "Photography", when another user in their area creates a post with that related interest, they will instantly be notified. This is perfect for students coordinating study groups. Add the interest (course ID) and your fellow classmates will find your study group post easily.
Operating System Android