SPEX is the dating site for singles who wear glasses, and those who find glasses-wearers attractiveSPEX is the brainchild of dating industry expert Charly Lester, who is a glasses-wearer herself. 'I never used to like photos of myself with my glasses on, and when it came to dating, I'd never include photos of me in my glasses. And yet I wear glasses at least 85% of the time. It took me a long time to embrace being a glasses-wearer, but when I did, I was surprised by how many people told me I look more attractive wearing them. The thing about glasses, is that they can tell you a lot about someone's personality. They are something you choose to wear day in, day out. And so you need to love the glasses you wear, and feel confident wearing them. I think SPEX can help people find that confidence, and realise just how great they look with their glasses on. I've worked in the dating industry for years, and have always said that niche dating sites are the key, as they bring together people with common interests. And while being a glasses-wearer may not be a personality trait, it's a decision you've made. After all - you could wear contacts or have opted for laser correction. Some people even wear non-prescription glasses as a fashion statement. I think you can tell a lot from the glasses someone chooses. and I like to think that us glasses wearers are as intelligent as all the stereotypes suggest. SPEX brings together two of the most exciting companies currently active in the dating industry. Charly Lester is the founder of The Dating Awards - industry awards for dating sites, apps, matchmakers and experts. Charly runs the UK Dating Awards, US Dating Awards and European Dating Awards, and having judged apps and dating sites all over the world, she certainly knows what it takes to make a good app. Meanwhile, M14 are the first company able to offer affordable, high-end white-label dating apps. Together, Charly and M14 were able to put together SPEX in just a month. The app is a great example of emerging app technology, and just how easy it can be to put an idea into motion, with the right help.
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