Dudeapp - Top Fun Pics & GIFs

This is the app that has it all, and it is just Fab-u-LOUS. It has got the all important recipes for you to get into the fun & hilarious part of internet & it is first of its kind, that has a personally tailored feed that enables you to follow your favorite topics, languages & content creators. In addition to these, you can create meme cards and posts - and if they are awesome enough (ie, if its Lol worthy), you'll find yourselves in the spotlight of the entire community. Well, that also helps you to gain followers & take your digital social life to another level. Scroll, relate, Laugh & share your Happiness. Make The Content: Simple content creation app that helps you to get the creativity in you to flow out through funny creations and a social platform that allows you to create meme cards & GIFs. Take It To The Spotlight: Highly optimized feed to give you only the things that you actually need to see, not some random pictures, but custom tailored. And if your post has all the good ingredients (Humorous, amusing or share worthy) that can spark an interest for the mass, it can steal the spot of dude app - and yes that means your post just got viral. Level up: Bored of the online media platforms that doesn't give you awards on your contributions? Well, we put an end to that with the dude app. Your profile status (ie, your stand/authority in the community) increases as the more engagements your bring into the app such as - Shares (to other platforms like facebook, twitter, 9gag, reddit and many more), comments (includes picture comments too. And lets you reply to each discussions), likes & referrals (if you refer the app among your friends, you'll get lots of points & rewards). Get exciting gift vouchers (mobile top ups, amazon gift vouchers) as you level up. And oh yes, this dude app is made with fun by Dude I'm Stoned team. Facebook: facebook.com/dudeapp123Instagram: instagram.com/the_dude_appTwitter: twitter.com/thestoned_dude.
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