Yotme is opening doors to private parties and outings around the world and inspiring hosts to throw great parties. As part of the YotMe community, a party with the same old crew just became a party for friends, new and old to meet and mingle. It works like this: A host publishes their party to the Yotme marketplace where potential guests can send a "join" request. Then, based on the user's social rating and profile, the host can accept or decline the request. Hosts can also search for potential guests by profile and location and "blind" invite them to their party. Potential guests decide to accept or decline, based on the party, past party ratings and the host's profile. Whether it's a simple "pop-up" after party, a catered affair, yachting in Miami, or an exclusive social at a vineyard, Yotme is the perfect solution to curate new people and excitement for your next party.
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