SoPo is a social polling app where you can share your opinions in just a click. You just have tap on either of the options of a poll and you're done. What can you do with SoPo? PICK A SIDE: You can vote on a poll and share your opinion by just tapping on the option you like. CREATE POLLS: Create your own poll in just 30 seconds and share it with the social polling community and on other social networks. DAILY DECK: We'll send you a deck of 10 poll cards everyday for you to enjoy. SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: You can share any poll on different social networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. in just a click. LEADERBOARD: Create polls and more to earn points to compete with others on the leaderboard. FOLLOW: Follow people that you find interesting and get followed for making amazing polls. SEARCH FOR POLLS: Looking for polls on something particular to share on social media? Just search for it and find it in no time. SEEK OPINIONS FROM OTHERS: Just create a poll and let people vote on it. You can also share your polls on social media to get opinions from outside SoPo. AMAZING USER INTERFACE: We know our audience and we've designed the app that you'll love. NO ADS: We know that ads can be annoying and so we made sure that your experience isn't compromised. AND A LOT MORE: We work very hard to make sure that you're enjoying our app and we keep on adding amazing new features daily. If you have any feedback for us, just send us an email at connect@sopo. ioORsend us a message on facebook: us a direct message on instagram:
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