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Making friends, The world's leading social application uses a lot of members. The people you meet are culture, language and customs are different from you. But those people will be a good friend to you. Making friends, Before you around, or we will help you make the friends you want during World members. through making friendsi) SearchWhere you stand And from around your country, We'll find a good people on the continent or around the world. ii) chatPeople you are looking for Real-time text, using pictures to help'll be a pleasant chat. iii) messageIf you are someone who showed interest in the world around you, or just instantly tells you. You can send a message to anyone who showed interest to you. iv) GuestbookView the profile of another person, that person can then tap to see the photos you post to leave an article about your visits to that person's profilev) pictures and commentsWrite or comment on your photos, or someone has posted, you can love it for the pictures. before usingMaking friends, Culture, customs, and services used to hang out with a lot of people have wonderful new friends of different languages used around the world. it may be violating the following account is closed or suspended without prior notification thank you for your attention. i) publish images depicting the sexual photos or excessive sexual activityii) slander and insult othersiii) over-expressing violent language or violent pictures posted. ContactsEmail - frendy@nytel. co. krtel - +82-63-236-3380.
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