Welink. is a FAST and Free way to stay connected with your friends; anywhere, anytime, globally. You can exchange messages with your friends over Wifi or 3G/4G totally for Free. Welink is compatible and optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You can login/sign up with an email address and Welink will detect & syncs all your devices on the server. Why use Welink? CHAT with your friends worldwide. CONNECTS instantly with your friends as Welink will automatically add your phone contacts upon login. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS made offline messaging possible and you will never miss a single message even if you are offline. RELIABLE systems lets you deliver your messages seamlessly with the least data transactions so you could be connected when on the weakest network. GROUPCHATS allows information to be shared with your colleagues or talk about anything under the stars with friends. DATA ENCRYTION ensures your privacy is handled seriously and your data will never be compromised by third parties. How to use Welink? Install the app via the app store and upon completion of the short registration, you're ready to start chatting. When you're all set up, you'll see a list of all the contacts in the main window. Starting a conversation is merely a case of clicking a person's name to open the chat tab. The chat interface is user friendly and appealing to the eyes. Let's Get Started.
Operating System Android