Tumpaca fоr Tumblr

Just want to swipe through your dashboard? Just swipe, and swipe, and swipe, with no other nonsense? Then this is the client for you. (Tumblr account required. ) WHAT IT DOES- Shows a lot. of your dashboard- Supports TEXT, QUOTE, PHOTO, LINK, VIDEO, and AUDIO posts- Plays GIFs- One post on screen at a time- Swipe left and right to navigate posts- One-tap reblogging and liking- Show or hide your own posts- Show or hide PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO posts- Optionally get high-resolution images. Due to how the Tumblr API works, it's very difficult to retrieve more than 260 dashboard posts. But NEVER FEAR. Tumpaca can do it. This is the Tumblr client we always wanted (and we learned a lot making it). We plan to add more features as time permits. Enjoy.
Operating System Android