If you are in a relationship, where should your loyalty be? Surely the straightforward answer is 'with your spouse/partner'. Of course, one should be loyal to kids and family. Loyalty is an essential element for lifetime bond of togetherness, be it in marriage or a relationship that would end up in marriage. Although, it is a simple question with a very simple answer, still it is enough to ruin a relationship. In fact, seeking an explanation can have devastating effects. Therefore, loyalty is the last question people usually choose while making relations. It is when the loyalty and trust are the foundation stones in any relationship. In the modern society, loyalty has grown to be the biggest familial issue. More than half the marriages end up in divorce and the reason for a majority of the divorces is infidelity. Below is a perfect story that explains the present situation and this also is our inspiring story. Inspiring story: A Chinese man had an accident one day, when the news of his accident reached his family and friends, 17 ladies came to the hospital claiming to be his girlfriend. It was found that he was dating all the 17 women at the same time. Moreover, he had a child with one of the women while he was planning a wedding with another. More so, the man used to take money from all these women and deceived them all. As a consequence, the Chinese man was arrested. Read the complete story at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32796941With this said, it doesn't mean that every man or woman is disloyal. However, no relationship is immune to issues and while not being loyal to the partner is an issue in some relationships, suspecting loyalty also leads to similar consequences, separation or divorce. To help you avoid and address loyalty issues in your relationships, we have started a web portal that will allow you to check your partner's loyalty, without revealing your identity as the partner, to the world. Our unique concept of "BE LOYAL" is packed with powerful features to keep your privacy intact and tackle issues like fake profiles and misuse. How it works? The process is very simple. It starts with free registration on the website with the information provided by you. The information required for the registration on website includes video, pictures, name, father's name, DOB, gender, email id, city and country that we share on the other social website easily, beside this the user has to mention the partner's name/quote suggested by the partner (if the user wants to hide partner's name). PrivacyThe website will ensure the privacy of the couple. If the user doesn't want to disclose the name of the partner, user can use a word or sentence (e. g. peace/the sky is blue) instead of the partner's name but if the user uses any word/sentence instead of the partner's name that must be suggested by the partner. Approach for securityFake profiles are a big menace in the world of social media. To prevent this issue from plaguing our app we ask our users: Create profile by recording 10 seconds video in which the user has to speak out 5 digit uniquely generated code. After recording the video change into picture gallery, from which user can select any picture as a verified picture. User can also change the verified picture after sign in. There will be two pictures, one is profile and another is verified picture extracted from the video. BenefitsRegistering with us will benefit users because: It brings transparency in your relationship, hence minimising the suspicion and chances of cheating. It will ensure the trust of your partner in you. It will help you to keep a check on your partner. If someone wants to make intimate relations with someone then one can make sure on our application that he/she is single and not involved with anyone in an intimate relation. One can prove his/her worth by registering as people rarely dare to keep their life transparent.
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