Be Happy is aimed at connecting individuals with their own inner selves and with like minded people from across the globe, on thoughts related to life, spirituality, values and positivity. Features: Share 'Inspirational' thoughts. Exchange personal 'Experiences'. Resolve 'Challenges' through Mentors. Open up 'Discussions' on life. Be aware of 'Events'. Explore various topics through 'Reflection'Uniqueness: No advertisements. Zero cost. Complete focus on the subject. No clutter of unrelated posts. Tag posts on Author and Topic (s). Search repository on Author and Topic. Threaded comments for each post. Global reach for wider perspective. Share to/from other mobile apps. Mentor fellow members on Challenges. Jot down own Reflections in 'My Space'. No annoying 'push notifications'Types of posts: Spiritual thoughts but not Religious. Democratic views but not Political. Towards happiness but not JokesMembers are welcome to invite family and friends to join this global community. If you encounter any technical issue while using the app, please email details of the same with a screenshot, model of the mobile device and the Android version to us at zenwise. ice@gmail.com. We shall try to fix it at the earliest. You can also give us your review and provide suggestions to improve the app experience. We would be glad to hear from you. Be Happy is an app that has been in development over the last 10 months and this is the Soft Launch of the app. The full launch is anticipated by on or before January 01, 2017.
Operating System Android