Maratha Kranti Morcha is probably the largest silent protests by the single community in independent India happening across Maharashtra by Maratha community people in Maratha Morcha. This Maratha Kranti app provides live coverage and showcase of the silent morcha's for Maratha Kranti happening across Maharashtra. This app has been developed for seeking support of Maratha morcha community in silent morcha of Kopardi mishap against the culprits. Reasons for this Maratha morcha is giving justice to Kopardi rape-murder victim, change in atrocity act and to avoid its misuse, reservation for Maratha under OBC etc. Whats New In Maratha Kranti Morcha App. 1) Members can download Maratha Kranti Morcha app. No age restrictions, so anyone can create and edit profile. 2) Members can share messages, chat district wise, post images and videos on Maratha Kranti. 3) Members can watch live videos and images for events taking place all over Maharashtra. 4) Get information of Kranti Morcha like dates as well as location of events of Maratha Morcha. Download the Maratha Morcha App, comment and spread the awareness.
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