This application cares offer a variety of services to the population of the city of Banha in particular and the province of Qaliubiya in general, such as: News Banha Qalubia- Manual Banha (doctors, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, veterinary clinics, schools, teachers, nursery, computer companies, supermarket, craftsmen, Futsal courts, gyms, Beauty Center, Mick Aartset, Atheletat "dresses" photographers "Votogeraffers", and others) - Manual restaurants and cafes Banha (telephone numbers and lists full of food to prices) - Available jobs within the city of Banha- Library to "Banha City. Com" to sell books and novels for adults and children- Real estate available for sale or rent in the city of Banha- Auto ads available for sale within the city of Banha- Market (This allows the display of all the different products for sale) - Special (provided by various shops and businesses within the city of Banha).
Operating System Android