uKonect is a mobile application which facilitates face to face connections between colleagues and associates of the same organization. Just to give an example on how the application can be used: if I work for a large company and wish to network with my colleagues, I can use uKonect and see all of my colleagues who are near me - or at a specific location. Perhaps I would like to have lunch or a drink with someone from the legal department etc. I can send an invitation to that specific person and that person can accept or decline the invitation. Not only can I easily organize a face to face appointment but I can also add as many people I want to the invitation / event; in this case it's very praticial for businees meetings as you don't have to send out a dozen emails and wait for replies. Instead with uKonect everyone who is invited will automatically receive a notification on their phone and from there they can indicate if they will join the event / meeting or not. Each organization can choose personalized tags / filters in order to help its members find interesting profiles quickly. This example also works for large associations or alumni groups, any community who wishes to engage its members will find this service highly interesting and useful. The B2B use case (company, association.) is not free of charge. However we also offer a free version of the app, allowing anyone to use it and network with people around him or her. Obviously the free version will have less features.
Operating System Android