thx for is a new and appreciative form of communication and networking for people, companies and institutions. A 'thx for' message captures the special moments of private and business life in a unique personal collection. A 'thx for' can be shared with other people if users so wish. THX FORGive attention, appreciation and recognition to those around you and capture the special moments of your life in a 'thx for'. MY PLACESDepict your preferred places in the thx for app and invite people to join you there. Thus these places will become favoured meeting points for you and those around you. TIME FOR Spend time together in special places with those close to you in private and business life. MY THX FORCreate your personal album of beautiful moments available on your smartphone at any time. WINDOW TO THX FOROpen the window to thx for. Tread a whole new path of communication through the 'family & friends' category by sending positive 'thx for' messages and inviting those around you to join in your life. GOLDEN THX FORAdd a golden sheen to 'thx for' messages that are important to you, be it birthdays or special moments in private and business life.
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