Lets you share your status into Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin at once. StatusGeek is a free app with the most versatile features with friendly interface. StatusGeek is the most simple and powerful tool to post status into our favorite social networking sites. StatusGeek allows you to: Share your status with Location, Pictures and Links on all the Popular Social Networking sites at once with just a click of a button. Single Tap Login. Very easy and Collaborative interface to play with. Sticky Notification, Reach the app from where ever you're and whatever you're doing and start writing. Attaches Link seamlessly to Save Time, less visual to make you feel more comfortable and less messy. Use Hastags to categorize your post into keywords and tag your friends and family with less distractions. CheckIn to locations without using GPS and Add Pictures with decency. Share from your Favorite apps via "Share Feature" with Link, Pictures and much more e. g Sharing a Tweet or Headlines from news apps.
Operating System Android