Viral Agenda - Event Guide

What's happening in your city? -- Discover the best events nearby with our complete, updated and easy to use event guide: Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, parties, conferences. With this app brought to you by VIRAL your favourite artists and events will never go unnoticed again. Easily discover what's happening around you;. Search for event name, venues and your favourite promoters;. Have access to all event details, including multimedia, maps or addresses. Instantly share an event through your social networks and apps;. Browse daily events in the desired region or associated category;. Discover concerts, exhibitions, festivals, parties, conferences, performing arts, dance, cinema and video, literature, kid's activities, markets and fairs, gastronomy, nature, tradition, amongst many other kinds, easily organized chronologically. Currently, Viral Agenda event guide holds activities only in Portugal and Costa Rica (GAM), but it's spreading like a good virus.
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