Ever wanted to do something fun but never had anyone to do it with? Not anymore. Socialize helps you find people that are always willing to do fun things based on interests. How it works? Pooja wants to go out for coffee but has no one to go with. So she opens the Socialize app and browses through various people in her area that also would also love to go out for coffee. She clicks on Pinky's profile. Once Pinky accepts the invite, the Socialize app will allow Pooja and Pinky to chat and make plans. So whether you want to go out or stay in and have an interesting conversation through our chat feature - Socialize makes it as simple as 1. 2. 3. Socialize currently lists 6 interests. 1. Movies2. Dine-Out3. Events4. Shopping5. Travel6. ChatAn all new way to spark up your social life, an all new way to make new friends. Download the Socialize app now. PS. We have so many new exciting updates coming your way.
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