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1. Read news and posts from pro streamers and vloggers. News feed adopts to your interests. 2. Become pro yourself. Everyone will see your experience. We value your opinion. 3. Earn coins for best posts. Exchange them for valuable rewards. Prilka is a crowd-sourced gaming newspaper. The content is created by members of our community, where everyone has some experience. News feed AI shows you the best available content based on your interests. Prilka highlights experience. You will always see who is a real pro in the area due to automated personal experience tags. Grow your reputation and become a leader within the community by sharing great posts and comments. We reward best content creators with valuable virtual coins. You can exchange Prilka coins for great in-game bonuses. Prilka is a place where you can always find something to read about games. Try it yourself and get bonuses for sharing it with your friends.
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