PetSutra for Pet Lovers

Whether you are a pet owner or a pet lover, share the happiness with each other. Watch videos, photos and pictures of cute dogs, cats and all types of pets. In case you have a pet dog, a pet cat or any other pet who is the star of your life? Why not make him a star as well. PetSutra is the world's first photo and video sharing application exclusively for pets. Features: 1) Share photographs and pictures with like minded people2) Maintain the profiles and history of all your pets under one single account3) Share videos and photos by simply selecting from the gallery or clicking a picture at that very moment4) See in real time, the numbers of Paws, Aww, Comments and Likes that your pet gets5) Share your knowledge about pets and help other pet parentsA lot more features to help you make your pet the star that he or she really is. Pets are a never-ending source of joy to us, their playfulness providing us pure unadulterated companionship in the highs and lows of life. Whether you have dogs, puppies, cats, fish or any other; we understand that they are an integral part of your lives. We at Petsutra want to dedicate our app to these lovely inhabitants of our planet by capturing their life moments both through videos, pictures and photos. With this app you can feel free to post your pet's videos or pet's pictures. You can make the profiles of all you pets. So in case you have a pet dog, share your dog pictures and dog videos with the world. In case you have cats, share their cuteness with the world by making their profile and uploading your cat videos and cat pictures. Sutra is a word from the Sanskrit literature, which means a rule, a beacon or guiding light to life. We decided to name ourselves Petsutra, because we want all pet lovers to establish just one rule: Love all pets. And that is where, you as a dog lover, or a cat lover, or just about any pet lover, come into play. Whether you have a dog of an army of dogs, a cat or an entire room full of cats, a parrot or a hamster, we want you to celebrate your relationship with these family members of yours, fur or no fur, and share the joy with other pet parents. As we say, happiness around. Our app allows you to do the following: 1. Create your pet's profile (The app allows to create a dog's profile, or a cat's profile. You name one and we have it int he list) 2. Add unlimited pets into your profile if you have more than one pets. So in case you have lots of dogs or cats, make a profile for each of them, or just share under your own profile. 3. Take awesome pictures with our camera. With the integrated camera your dog pictures or your cat pictures are easier to click and share. 4. Share you pet pictures, dog pictures, dog videos, cat pictures cat videos and everything about pets and pet parenting. In an essence, share with others, learn from others5. Connect with people to see who all can help in dog mating, pet mating, dog adoption, pet adoption6. Share with friends on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. With the app, your pet has a profile of its own. More the number of dogs, cats or other pets you have, more the number of profiles you can create. And share your pet pictures, dog videos, cat videos or any other videos with other users, while liking theirs too. You never know your he/she could be a super-star while providing heart moving moments or funny moments to thousands of other people. So go ahead and share your dog pictures, cat pictures or any other pet pictures. You can follow other profiles, check your daily feed of happiness, comment and share your joy with others. Also, if there are pets in need of a new home, you might just help a lot of them by finding a suitable pet parent for adoption. If you are a pet parent who wants to check suitable profiles for pet mating, that too is possible.
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