If you don't want to miss any single tweet from your favorite tweeters, you are in the right place. We have crafted a nice solution for the problem by adopting the. stories. format to show tweets. For an elaborate story on Whileaway, read furthur. Lately a lot of people wrote down Twitter. Some wrote on how Twitter's feed needs algorithmic tweak. Some wrote Twitter is full of verbal abuse and it is unfriendly place for a beginner. Some wrote the Wall Street is not optimistic about its future. Whenever I read any such post, I find it funny. The reason is, they all ignore one basic idea. The idea that Twitter's best product is their API, not their official app. Twitter gives you all the APIs to build a Twitter app the way you want. Don't like something about Twitter's app? Find or build a new Twitter app that fixes the problem. For us, the problem we have with Twitter's official app is the timeline. We are power users and follow more than 1000 people. Therefore our feeds are noisy and we can't possibly keep up with all the tweets. There are some users who always tweet good, sensible and useful stuff. The stuff that we don't want to miss. This is what led us to create Whileaway, a Twitter client that shows your favorite users' tweets in. stories. format, the format popularized by Snapchat and recently adopted by Instagram. Sure Twitter lists solve this problem. But we feel stories are simpler. They provide you with context before you start viewing the tweets. See the screenshot to get an idea of what I am talking about. I have been using Whileaway for past few weeks and I have found lots of interesting tweets in Whileaway that I missed in Twitter (yes, I am still using Twitter regularly). We hope you use the app and get value out of it. Feel free to contact us regarding anything on Twitter - @whileawayhq. or email us at hello@whileaway. top.
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