Salvidas Alarm - green button

WITH A TOUCH OF A BUTTON The Salvidas Alarm assures help when you are unable to press your green alarm button. The Salvidas Alarm sends an alarm message to your lifesaver if you are unable to call for help. It is a daily reminder to check if you are doing OK. You can determine who your lifesaver is. This can be a good friend, neighbour, family member or caregiver. WHO IS IT FOR? IndependenceThe Salvidas Alarm supports the elderly to stay independent longer. You press the green alarm button every day, if you are unable then Salvidas Alarm automatically sends an alarm message to your lifesaver. Singles You live alone and you get into a situation whereby you are unable to call for help. It's nice to know that a friend, neighbour, family member or co-workers will be informed. (Family) Caregivers You only receive a message when the person you are caring for is unable to switch off the Salvidas Alarm. In other words, "No news is good news'. Note: To make the Salvidas Alarm function as good as possible for the elderly, it uses a few permissions (Services cost money, and System Tools). In-app-billing (extra alarm and reccurence) - Prevent device from sleeping during an alarm- Disable screen lock of device during alarm- Reactivate alarm at startup of deviceThese features are only used for optimal functionality. A "standard" text message will only be sent if the alarm button is not pressed in time.
Operating System Android