Kenya Loans was set up to make loan products more accessible to Kenyans. We provide a fast, secure and confidential way of finding loans without being charged high interest rates. It is our mission to provide information on loans in Kenya at lower interest rates that are affordable to every borrower. How it worksWe have established more partnerships with lending institutions and peers in Kenya and can now confidently invite you to apply for a loan through our Kenya Loans mobile app. Once we receive your application we forward it to the best matched lending institution and peers. Applying for loans on Kenya Loans app has the following benefits: 1. It is safe, secure and confidential2. We process loan applications quickly and forward you to suitable lenders as fast as possible3. You avoid the hassle of making an appointment with anyone and traveling to meet them until you are sure that you actually qualify for the loan4. Applying takes a few minutes at mostKenya Loans Hub also provides Kenyans with investment opportunities. A private person in Kenya with excess cash can use the app as a way to invest. He can lend the money to another Kenyan he finds on Kenya Loans Hub and earn an interest. He can secure himself by taking possession of security such as a car or a title deed. In Kenya, it is legal for anyone to lend money. The Banking Act (CAP 488 of the Laws of Kenya) only regulates people who take one person's money for onward lending to another person. As long as you are lending your own money, you do not need a banking licence in Kenya. Our priority is to get you money when you need it the most. We offer a service that is extremely easy to use. By partnering with lenders, we are able to direct you to the best possible products that fit your situation perfectly. We believe that when times are tough and you need financial help, the last thing you should do is worry about where to find your loan.
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