Quecent is one of the most interesting and innovative apps for paid Q&A services. You can ask users who could be celebrities, professionals, or even your friends living in the next door whatever you want to know on Quecent. You can also answer questions from all corners of the earth to share your knowledge, viewpoints as well as stories. Answer questions and make money at once. Monetize your knowledge & skills immediately.To answer every question only by voice within 60". Learning from experts around the world Focusing on hot spots and enjoy the moment of truth There is always one teacher among three people. Whoever you are, you can be Answerer on Quecent platform. If you feel your knowledge is useful for others, join us now. As an Answerer, you can set up the price for others to ask you question based on your level of popularity and expectations to you from others, i.e. 1 dollar or 100 dollars. As long as you answered question from others, these money will be paid into your account. Quecent first of time initiated a model of voice Q&A. You may just record 60 seconds of voice to answer questions. This is very unique, interesting Q&A models which distinguish from traditional boring literary Q&A model. You may receive questions from all over the world, share your knowledge, viewpoints or stories with the world, and hence help others. All your questions may be answered by experts. You may ask anyone, whether they are superstar, industry expert or government/charity organization. Your question may be answered free of charge or paid, it depends on whether your answerer charges or not. If the answer is listened by others, you may share half of the listening fee. If your question is good enough to attract plenty of people to listen to the answer, you may gain a good amount of money even after the deduction of question asking cost. There will be thousands of questions and answers on Quecent which covers fields of all kinds of industries including entertainment, culture, lifestyle, health, education, cuisine, sports, new events. You may listen to it as long as you are interested.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None