Introducing the HootBoard App. This is the place you connect with and find out the latest about the organizations you care about most. This app is part of the comprehensive bulletin board platform that connects the website, lobby and other physical screens of your organization. TO USE THE APP: The app is designed for existing HootBoard users who already have a HootBoard account. If you haven't been invited yet by an administrator of one of your organizations, find out more below. WHAT IS HOOTBOARD? HootBoard is a bulletin board platform for organizations. Primarily used in residential or commercial property communities and university departments; HootBoard can be used for any organization including schools, non-profits, workplaces and many more to internally share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs and more. Members can start discussions and get recommendations from fellow members. UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS: If you are in charge of driving engagement for your organization, gone are the days where you maintain the content on the website separately, have a detailed newsletter, maintain a separate groups application and update screens in your lobbies. HootBoard is one platform that connects them all. Create your community HootBoard, invite your members and let them post hoots. Using simple connectors and organization of content, Administrators can route all of this content seamlessly to their website or screens in lobbies. Members can also get newsletter via email with the most popular activity from a board or they can always access their HootBoard community at and via the app (COMING SOON). COOL. HOW DO I GET ONE? Create a free HootBoard for your organization at It only takes minutes and an email address to get started. WHAT IS IN VER. 1: Version 1 of the app allows members to post hoots directly to their boards. ARE MORE FEATURES COMING? : Yes. We will be making this a full featured app over time. Stay tuned.
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