This application contains: Best Ganesh Chaturthi wallpapers & greetings. Wallpaper set on screens and share by whatsapp or other. simple click on image. Best Ganesh Chaturthi related songs with Ganesh Aarti & Chalisa. Set the current songs as Ringtone/Alarm to simple click on background. About Ganesh Chaturthi in Hindi and English language. Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Vidhi in Hindi and English language. Ganesh Mantra & Ganeshji 108 Name in Hindi language. Ganesh Chalisa & Aarti in Hindi language. You can move app in external storage or sd card from device settings. Ganesh Chaturthi (also known as Vinayaka Caturthi, Ganesa Caturthi or Vinayaka Cavithi) is the Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Chaturthi (Hindi. ) means "fourth day" or "fourth state". Celebrations are traditionally held on the fourth day of the first fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi) in the month of Bhaadrapada in the Hindu calendar, usually August or September in the Gregorian calendar. Badrapad corresponds to Virgo (simha/avani-tamil) in solar calendar. The festival generally lasts ten days, ending on the fourteenth day of the fortnight (Anant Chaturdashi). The festival is celebrated by families at home, by people at their places of work and in public. The public celebration involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public pandals (temporary shrines) and group worship. At home, an appropriately-sized clay image is installed and worshipped with family and friends. At the end of the festival, the idols are immersed (and dissolve) in a body of water such as a lake or pond. So download it and celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. with best wishes. to all. Note: Please give us feedback for support and if face any problem in this app. Thanks.
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