Here you can go through a fast eight-color version of the test Luscher. Fast and easy application of the eight-color series is a great advantage of this option compared to the full version of the clinical test. Luscher color test - psychological test, developed by Dr. Max Luscher. It is very often quite unjustifiably used in the selection. Often - because it is easy and gives much food for thought. Unreasonably - because CTLs not diagnose personality traits, and its status. Experiments show that in 1-2 months laid CTL people quite differently. Filter it should be just in time for the stable characteristics (eg, intelligence). The choice of colors of the eight-color series to allow such interpretation of your current status, as desired goals, ways to achieve your goals, your vision, behavioral traits, which are constrained. Choose colors in descending order, from the cutest you currently color to the less nice. Features of realization: Color matched as closely as possible to the original cards;. Fully implemented the two-pass procedure;.
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