Have you ever had time to kill? Would you like to reconnect and get together with your acquaintances, classmates, colleagues? Have trouble coordinating a meeting time and place? Felt awkward or it was time-consuming to call your contacts not knowing where they are, when they are available and whether they are interested in meeting you? Like to reconnect with curated communities (example: alumni like stanford, berkeley, iit, cmu, purdue, etc) to reminisce, be a mentor/mentee or simply meet? If so, get2gthr is for you. With get2gthr, you are never alone, unless you need to be. Get2gthr enables you to meet the people in your circles by using double-opt-in method. Reconnect without awkwardness and meet in the real world for catchup, run, hike, volunteering, dinner, movie, knowledge exchange or other activities and eventsTo use: Enter your free-time slots in the near future (example: next saturday from 6 to 8AM for tennis). Select matches (checkbox) that you are interested in. Ignore others. Confirm- When the other person accepts, My Meetings tab will show the match. Contact and meet. To invite your contacts to use the app- Select "Invite Contacts" from the top menu- Select the contacts to email and inviteAs an example, login as "demo@gmail.com", no password, to see the data screens with sample match-ups. Your free-time slots are not published to anyone, unless there is time overlap with other people in your circles and they have you in their circle. A match occurs only when both parties confirm potential match (double opt in). You may directly message (mail, whatsapp, sms, etc) the contact by clicking the confirmed meeting entry to meet. The app takes into account intent, interest, location and availability to enable you to meet your circles.
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