Mobile Walkie Talkie is an application that allows any number of consumers to talk to each other directly, works with devices connected to the same net section. Turn your mobile or tablet into a Mobile walkie talkie with this fast free PTT (Push To Talk) wireless app. Talk to your friends privately or join public channels to engage in a hot discussion. There is no signup required and no individual info is ever collected. Two Way's simple consumer interface is easy to use. Start talking to your groups, co-workers, or private members. Two Way acts like a modern walkie talkie. You can select the channel number or place using a plan and talk to anyone in the same station. It cares running in the background with least battery usage. The main features of Mobile Walkie Talkie- Audio Streaming on all Mobiles. Multi Audio Cast on Mobile that are on including IP address you have selected. Unicast address that will get audio only for one device. Free to usage. Download this Free Mobile walkie talkie.
Operating System Android